Monthly Contact Lenses

Monthly Contact Lenses 

One of the worst things about using contact lenses is that you ought to have a doctor’s prescription in order to get one. But no need to worry from now onward, as you can get hold of the best contact lenses without prescription here with us.

At Contact Lenses 4 Us we understand how difficult it can be to run everywhere to...

Monthly Contact Lenses 

One of the worst things about using contact lenses is that you ought to have a doctor’s prescription in order to get one. But no need to worry from now onward, as you can get hold of the best contact lenses without prescription here with us.

At Contact Lenses 4 Us we understand how difficult it can be to run everywhere to first get the prescription and then getting contact lenses. This is the reason that we have gathered the widest range of contact lenses for you to select from. And order them without any hassle of getting prescription first.

Try out monthly contact lenses!

There are different options available in these contact lenses, based on the number of days for which they work the best. One such popular variety is monthly contact lenses. Monthly Contact Lenses can be used daily for 30 days and then discarded.

One of the first things you need to remember when using monthly disposable contact lenses is that they require proper care. They require proper disinfection and cleaning during the time you use them and should be removed before bedtime.

Daily disposable versus monthly disposable

If you are wondering why you should use monthly disposable contact lenses when you can go for daily disposable ones, then here is a look at the reasons -

  •          As compared to daily disposable contact lenses, monthly contact lenses are more cost-effective.
  •          Monthly contact lenses are available in a wide range of prescriptions.
  •          Some monthly contact lenses can be used for 7 days straight without removal.

There you have all the reasons behind preferring the monthly option over the daily ones.

No matter the type of lens you choose, it is always recommended to consult your optician before changing contact lenses. After all, they are the ones who can recommend which lens is the most suitable lens for your requirements.

And once you have done that, you can come to us and get your monthly contact lenses!

If you don’t like the idea of throwing a pair of contacts every day or week, you will surely love the long-term disposable version. Monthly contact lenses can last for several weeks as long as you take good care of them. After a month of use, you can buy a new set from our store in just a few clicks.


How many types of contact lenses are there?


To help you understand the properties of monthly contact lenses, we’re going to discuss briefly the variations. According to the American Optometric Association, there are five types of contact lenses.


Monthly lenses are classified as both extended-wear disposables and the planned replacement type. They’re typically soft for everyday use. And, of course, they can only last for up to 30 days even without any sign of damage.


The advantages of the two types of lenses revolve around simple maintenance and healthier eyes. However, only a limited number of them in the market can correct vision problems and promote easier handling. Don’t worry; the monthly disposables we’re going to introduce later are all beneficial and convenient.


The next type is the extended-wear. It is safe for week-long use even without removal. Only a few monthly lenses are approved for this purpose.


Additionally, using overnight lenses will require you to consult a specialist regularly to make sure nothing bad will happen to your eyes.


Now, let’s proceed to the daily-wear lenses. They’re basically soft plastic that can still allow oxygen permeation. They don’t need any maintenance at all since they’re totally disposable, perfect for travelers and active people.


Lastly, we have rigid gas-permeable, simply known as RGP. The plastic material it uses is slightly firmer. It is an excellent choice for correcting vision.


Unfortunately, since RGP is less flexible, it can cause discomfort. It has the tendency to slide off from its proper position. It can also trap debris, which will obviously irritate your eyes.


What makes monthly disposable lenses better?


Compared to lenses people use daily or weekly, you can save money with the monthly type. Just imagine the cost of using 10 to 60 lenses every month.


How about contact lenses designed for quarterly or annual replacement? They’re generally more expensive than disposable ones. That’s why losing one piece can be a huge inconvenience.


On the other hand, when you lose a monthly disposable lens, replacing it will be a breeze. It usually comes in affordable boxes of three to six lenses.


Meanwhile, protein from your eyes is bad news for quarterly and annual lenses. It can build up around the lens in the long run, affecting your vision and triggering discomfort.


Fortunately, protein deposits can’t easily produce drastic effects in just a few weeks. So, monthly contact lenses will remain beneficial to the wearer. They’re also less likely to infect your eyes.


In addition, monthly lenses only require simple maintenance. Cleaning and disinfecting them can be done without any hassle if you follow instructions. The standard process is to wash them with a solution specially formulated for contact lenses.


How can you ensure safety when wearing monthly lenses?


Cleaning contact lenses isn’t enough to make sure your eyes are safe from infections. You should also prioritize proper storage. Always place them in their special containers when not in use.


You must also never sleep while wearing contact lenses (unless they’re designed for both day and night use). No matter how tired you are, the number one priority is to clean your lenses and store them properly.


Since monthly lenses can only be used for a certain amount of time, don’t forget to take note of the scheduled replacement.


Who should use these products?


This type of contact lens is perfect for people who don’t mind regular maintenance. It is also ideal for those who want to take a break from glasses to enjoy some seasonal activities. After weeks of holiday vacation, for example, you can just discard the lenses right after the trip.


The Best Monthly Contact Lenses


Good news! You don’t need any prescription to purchase monthly lenses from us. You have all the freedom as a buyer. Just make sure to get the right option for your eyes.


Speaking of options, we have at least 12 awesome products for you to choose from. Some of them vary in their specific purpose while others are additional choices when it comes to quantity.


We feature the following brands and their corresponding variants:


-  Bausch & Lomb

  •   PureVision 2 HD - uses HD Optics to minimize glare and Comfort Moist Technology to make insertion easier; has a thin design for high transmission of oxygen to maintain bright and healthy eyes
  •   PureVision 2 HD for Astigmatism - has the thinnest lenses for high-quality vision even with inadequate lighting
  •   Soflens 38 - contains 38% water for daily comfort and an inversion indicator to help you insert the lens correctly with just one attempt
  •   Soflens 59 - contains 59% water to easily transmit oxygen for ultimate comfort

-  CibaVision

  •   Air Optix Aqua - consists of silicone hydrogel with AQUA-wetting technology and plasma layer for more moisture, better resistance to protein deposits, and 5x higher oxygen transmission; has an extra-smooth surface to keep your eyelids comfortable
  •   Air Optix Night & Day Aqua - meant for 24/7 use until the 30-day limit; safe for sleeping because it is a silicone hydrogel with 6x higher oxygen transmission
  •   Air Optix for Astigmatism - comes in different prescriptions to correct various vision problems; has a light blue tint for easier insertion and removal
  •   FreshLook Colorblends - literally blends with your eyes to boost your natural eye color’s intensity and depth

-  CooperVision

  •   Avaira - uses silicone hydrogel designed from Aquaform technology to maintain sufficient moisture in your eyes
  •   Biofinity - gives your eyes a healthier look because of the material’s moisture
  •   Biofinity Energys 3 - uses Digital Zone Optics technology to reduce strain in your eyes caused by daily use of mobile phones and computers; made of Comfilcon A material to retain 48% water


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