Monthly Contact Lenses

Monthly Contact Lenses

Do you want to quit the use of glasses because it doesn’t fit well or you’re just tired of having a large lens on your face? A monthly contact lens is the best alternative to a large square or round glass on your face all day.

Contact lenses are available on the market, and all depends on how and when you use them. Contac...

Monthly Contact Lenses

Do you want to quit the use of glasses because it doesn’t fit well or you’re just tired of having a large lens on your face? A monthly contact lens is the best alternative to a large square or round glass on your face all day.

Contact lenses are available on the market, and all depends on how and when you use them. Contact lens comes with time limits. For instance, there are contact lenses for a day (also known as a daily disposable lens) two days, monthly, quarterly, or annually. This division was created based on individual resistance to sediment accumulation, as well as on the rate of aging of the material they are made from.

Other options of contact lenses include gas permeable, overnight wear lenses, and unique effect lens.

What is Monthly Contact Lens?

Designed to last for an entire month, monthly contact lens as the name implies become less active after a month, which makes it entirely useless. Within its specific month of usage, you can care for them just in case it is needed so it can retain its effective nature.

Monthly contact lenses are affordable with a clear vision and comfortable to use. Occasionally, debris could build up itself on the lens which would cause you to have blurry vision and irritation which is why regular cleaning process is advised to keep you healthy and give you a clear view.

Make it a tradition to keep your contact lens in the solution provide inside the lens case to ensure that they don’t pick up dirt or debris. Fill up the contact lens case with this fresh solution regularly. Make sure you do this regularly, so you don’t have to replace your lens before month end.

Why You Should Choose the Monthly Contacts.

The number of contact lens users increases regularly. People are getting tired of a large frame (glasses) on their face. With a monthly contact lens, you look smart and much beautiful/handsome than ever. More people are choosing to use monthly contact lenses instead of the daily disposable lens or those within a more prolonged period like the one-year contact lens. The primary reason for this decision is their undisputed advantage and everyday comfort after a hectic day. Monthly contact lenses are more comfortable to replace and can be obtained easily with less stress involved.  They are not associated with such costs and losses as in the case of annual or even two-year contact lenses.

Relatively, monthly contact lenses have a short usage period, which makes it a unique advantage because there are fewer complications associated with it. On the other hand, quarterly or annual lenses are not the best for you because after a short period of about two months protein deposit begins to occur from the body and may interfere with the user’s vision thus causing discomfort. Therefore, it is highly advised to wear a monthly contact lens than one with a longer period.

Who Uses The Monthly Contact Lenses?

Apart from the fact that monthly contact lenses are designed for people who have decided to ditch their glasses for extra comfort, the contact lens can also be worn by people looking to have colorful eyeballs. The short-lasting period of the monthly contacts makes them the perfect lens for you. 

What Vision Problems Do Monthly Contact Lenses Correct?

  • Astigmatism is the most common eye defect out there. Astigmatism occurs when your eyes are not perfectly round, which then leads to blurry eyesight and complete discomfort. With Astigmatism, you always have to strain your eyes to see virtually almost everything. Toric monthly contact lens is the best for anyone with Astigmatism because it is designed to fit the exact shape of your round eye on like other traditional spherical lenses.
  • Myopia is a defect that happens to people that are short-sighted, thus making monthly contact lens the best treatment.
  • Hyperopia is a defect that happens to long-sighted people, thus making contact lens the best method to fix this eye defect.
  • Presbyopia is a defect that occurs with older people. As you grow, your vision begins to get blurry, and you find it difficult to see clearly as you use too. The multifocal contact lenses are the best for anyone with Presbyopia because it helps treat your sight to see clearly, and they are also available in the monthly pattern.



Pros of the Monthly Contact Lens

Lower Cost

Buying a monthly contact lens saves you the cost of monthly eye checkups. It makes sense as it is cheaper to wear a single pair monthly and change them when needed.

Much Compatible with Sensitive Eyes

If you are someone with a sensitive eye, then contact lens is the best to keep your vision clear. Wearing daily disposable contacts doesn’t do much help to your eye treatment. Monthly contact lens is thicker and holds moisture better than the ones with a longer or shorter period.

Less Waste

With Monthly contacts, you have less waste other than disposing of up to contact lenses 60 (30 days, two eyes) and its blister packs and cardboard boxes in a month. Though some of these packages can be recycled.


Cons of Monthly Contact Lens

  • If not fixed into your eyeballs correctly, the contact lens can affect your eyes, causing tremendous pain continuously.
  • Some contact lens, especially the dailies, could increase the risk of complication.
  • Contact lenses wear out, and they have to be replaced promptly.
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    Air Optix Aqua (3) Contact Lenses with SmartShield TechnologyAir Optix Aqua (3) Contact Lenses is moisture rich and keeps the eyes comfortable while wearing. The best part is that the lens is breathable, incredibly more than any other lens in the market. It has the capability to retain moisture, resist the debris as it is designed with SmartShield...

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    Air Optix Aqua (6) Contact Lenses with AQUA-Wetting TechnologyThe number of lenses that a wearer can buy depends upon the wearability, cleaning, rinsing and disinfecting the lenses. If you are a beginner and need the practice to wear the lenses, one should buy the pack of 6 contact lenses.   The quality that keeps the Air Optix Aqua in high demand is...

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    Day and Night Air Optix Aqua Contact Lenses (3 Lenses Per Box)Forgot to remove the contact lenses before sleep???? Are you a voracious reader and sleep while reading??? Are you always on travel spree???? Worry not with Air Optix Night and Day Aqua. It is an ideal pair of lens for the one who works for long hours during the day.   The Air Optix Night and...

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    Day and Night Air Optix Aqua Contact Lenses (6 Lenses Per Box)Air Optix Night and Day Aqua contact lenses are designed to wear them continuously for 30 days. It is a must buy a pack of lenses for those who wear have a very busy schedule, who work for long hours, who work in front of the digital screen during the day, who travel be it day or night.Air...

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    Air Optix Toric Contact Lenses for AstigmatismAir Optix for Astigmatism Contact Lenses (Air Optix Toric) is made from the versatile material known as Lotrafilcon B, which keeps the eyes comfortable even while wearing the lenses for long hours during the day. The pair of Contact Lens provides so much comfort that it is recommended even to those who have...

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    Avaira 3 Vitality 2-Weekly Contact LensesAvaira 3 Contact Lenses features Fanfilcon A or silicone hydrogel material with improved wettability and higher water content along with more comfort and softer experience to the wearer. The lens delivers a crisp and clear vision.   The lens is ideal to keep up with a busy and hectic lifestyle, delivering...

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    Biofinity Contact Lenses (3) with Aqua Comfort TechnologyBiofinity Contact Lenses (3) are designed to provide more comfort and zero irritation to the wearer, all because of the material it has been made up of, which is Comfilcon A, based on Silicon Hydrogel material and providing cushion like comfort to the eyes. The aqua comfort of the lens never let...

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    Biofinity Monthly Contact Lenses Aqua Form TechnologyHaving a busy work schedule? Do you work in front of the digital screen all day long? Biofinity Contact Lenses are a must buy for you to provide care to your eyes not only for days but for six nights and seven days in a row.   The lens features the exclusive Aqua form Technology, promising you to...

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  • Monthly Soflens 38 Contact LensesSoflens 38 contact lenses are a combination of Time-tested and deposit-resistant material that provide crisp and clear vision along with delivering comfort. Softlens 38 lenses manufactured in a way to have a visibility tint and an inversion indicator thus making this an easy lens to handle and insert while wearing it....

  • Soflens 59 Monthly Disposable Soft Contact LensesSoflens 59 contact lenses are the popular lenses that are made up of a protein resistant material that combines excellent performance, ultimate comfort, and visual acuity. It is very comfortable to wear on a daily basis and provide unmatched experience to the wearer. It delivers the ultimate clarity in...

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    PureVision 2 HD Monthly Disposable Contact LensesPureVision 2 HD contact lenses are manufactured and designed to give you a consistently crisp and clear perspective. The lenses are monthly disposable, made from Silicone Hydrogel Technology which provides wetness and allows high levels of oxygen to reach your eyes.These contact lenses are comfortable...

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    PureVision 2 HD Contact Lenses for Astigmatism with Balafilcon A TechnologyPureVision 2 HD for Astigmatism Contact Lens is one of the most popular lenses which made from Balafilcon A. It has high oxygen permeability and high water content which translates into a high wearing comfort.   This technology helps to the improvement of aspheric vision which...

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    Freshlook Monthly Disposable Colored Contact LensesFreshlook colorblends 2 lens is quite popular among people for its innovative color lenses. These lenses are different than other colored contact lenses. The lighter color shades provide great comfort to the wearer. Though these lenses may not come handy, however, it is cautious to share your Freshlook...

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